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"I've served over 2/3 of my life in public service and I am committed to serving the rest of my life in public service.  I want to work for you.  I want you to be proud of your City, and I am asking for your vote.  Baltimore will be a better place to live once we can raise the standard of living for all.  We can do this by bringing healthy food suppliers to our City, improve our schools, clean up our neighborhoods, and make public safety, strengthening the relationship between the police and the residents they serve in particular, a top priority.  By the grace of God, I've been saving lives for over 45 years and now I need you to help me save Baltimore and get our respect and reputation back.


The problem with Baltimore City is a Spiritual Problem.  Spiritual problems require spiritual solutions.  The problem with our City Government in recent years is the lack of love and a void of understanding.  
Everybody say they love the City, but do they love the homeless?  Do they love the drug dealer and the addict?  Do they love the poor, the disadvantaged and the people who have lost faith in our political system and don't vote?  Do they love the people in Baltimore?  All the people in Baltimore.  Loving the City and loving the People of the City are two different things.
In a Jenson Administration, I will be the People's Mayor.  I love all the people in Baltimore and I will treat them, like I love them.  This is my home.                          
Michael D. Jenson 

 Political Platform

"Empowering the People to Win"

Citywide Neighborhood Watch 
Using technology and the cooperation of the people to strengthen our neighborhoods and control crime. 
Strong neighborhoods = less crime.
Baltimore is made up of a bunch of neighborhoods.  This is a neighborhood town.  The reason why crime has been running rampant in certain sections of the City, is because the neighborhood systems in those areas are weak.    Criminals prey on weak neighborhood systems.  The people are not weak, the system in the neighborhood is weak.  Most neighborhoods don’t have a system at all. 
Our Crime Control, Prevention and Transparency Plan is called The Citywide Neighborhood Watch.

There are 2 ways to control crime:

#1. By Preventing crime- We must have a system in place Citywide to discourage people from committing crime 

#2. By making crime Transparent- Bringing light to darkness and making crime visible

It serves 2 purposes:

#1. As a personal home security device- which a lot of residents in Baltimore do not currently have. 

#2. As a Neighborhood Watch System- which a lot of neighborhoods in Baltimore do not currently have.

The Citywide Neighborhood Watch will be built by putting a video doorbell camera on every home.  We will do a few neighborhoods at a time, then expand it all throughout the City.  

Crime control is a neighborhood by neighborhood effort.

The Citywide Neighborhood Watch will not only control crime, it will strengthen our neighborhoods.  

These are some of the device features:

  • 2-way intercom 
  • Motion detection
  • Residents download app
  • Video doorbell camera on every home (with consent from homeowner)
  • Videos captured will be shared with neighbors and law enforcement
  • Resident control videos via Smartphones
  • Crime reporting will be anonymous
  • Neighborhood incident report built-in
  • Neighborhood safety report built-in
  • Night vision technology
  • Implement Citywide Block Captain Program
  • Residents take shifts and walk their neighborhood to discourage criminal activity


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"  Nelson Mandela


  • Visit every school in Baltimore City within the first two years in office

  • Employ a team of people whose job is to create parent groups in every school

  • Prohibit the use of cell phones during instruction time